Rintihan Seorang Lelaki Yang Bernama S.U.A.M.I Tangan diangkat dan dirapatkan :::::: ” Ya Tuhan, engkau berikanlah kepada diriku kekuatan untuk memimpin isteri dan anak-anakku, untuk sampai ke syurgaMu. Ya Tuhan, jangan Engkau biarkan aku terus menzalimi diriku dan keluarga. Kau jadikanlah aku seorang suami dan ayah yang baik pada isteri dan anakku. Kau jadikanlah juga isteriku sebagai seorang isteri yg solehah..yang mampu menjadi penyejuk hatiku, yang akan mendamaikan jiwaku. Kau berikanlah dia kekuatan untuk terus dan menerus menjaga anak-anakku. untuk mendidik mereka menjadi anak yg soleh. Kau berikanlah dia ketabahan dan kecekalan dalam mengharungi perjalanan rumahtangga bersamaku. “


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Women's Rights 6 pm to 6 am (important for your knowledge)

Dear all,

Please read and share with your loved one ....

Women's Rights 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
I was talking with a lawyer friend of mine.
We were discussing the law and women's rights.

She told me about this incident
- a young girl was raped by a man posing as a plain clothes officer;
he asked her to come to the police station when she and her male friend
didn't have a driver's license to show. He sent the boy off to get his
license and asked the girl to accompany him to the police station.

Took her instead to an isolated area where the horrendous crime was

In fact, the law clearly states that between 6 pm and 6 am, a woman has
the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station, even if an arrest
warrant has been issued against her...

It is a procedural issue that a woman can be arrested between 6 pm and
6 am, ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officer and taken to an ALL
WOMEN police station.
And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a
woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.

It is good for us to know our rights. To what extent it comes of use
remains to be seen in any situation. But as they say, knowledge is
power. Just thought I'd share this with you. I did not know this and am
sure lot of us will not know this- please be informed..... And pass on
this info to whom all you know.......

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