Rintihan Seorang Lelaki Yang Bernama S.U.A.M.I Tangan diangkat dan dirapatkan :::::: ” Ya Tuhan, engkau berikanlah kepada diriku kekuatan untuk memimpin isteri dan anak-anakku, untuk sampai ke syurgaMu. Ya Tuhan, jangan Engkau biarkan aku terus menzalimi diriku dan keluarga. Kau jadikanlah aku seorang suami dan ayah yang baik pada isteri dan anakku. Kau jadikanlah juga isteriku sebagai seorang isteri yg solehah..yang mampu menjadi penyejuk hatiku, yang akan mendamaikan jiwaku. Kau berikanlah dia kekuatan untuk terus dan menerus menjaga anak-anakku. untuk mendidik mereka menjadi anak yg soleh. Kau berikanlah dia ketabahan dan kecekalan dalam mengharungi perjalanan rumahtangga bersamaku. “


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tandoori Kentang

Tandoori Kentang

Gilled Spicy Potatoes
I got this recipe from Tougue Tickle and adjust
the ingredients to my taste

200g - small baby potatoes (preferably new ones) kalau ada
carotino oil –lebih sedap

adjust the seasoning
1 lime juiceamchoor (about 1/4tsp. mango powder or chaat masala)
1/2 tsp. white pepper powder or black pepper coarsely crushed
1 tsp. of carotino oil
1 tsp. of red chilli powder and a pinch of turmeric
1 tbsp toasted pine nuts
Thin onion rings - A few for garnishing
ground red chilli flakes - to taste
A sprinkling of dry oregano
A tsp. of roasted sesame seeds


Peel the baby potatoes, prick all over with a fork and boil in salted water till half done. Now mix the potatoes with the marinade well. There should be enough marinade to coat the potatoes generously. Taste and adjust seasoning to suit your liking. Add a tsp. of oil. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour or let it refrigerate for 24hrs, as this really allows the marinade to impregnate the potatoes.Pre-heat the oven for ten minutes. Cover a baking tray with aluminium foil and grease with a tsp. of oil. Place the potatoes separately (they won't spread but if they are bunched the coating will not grill properly) and grill till the marinade is absorbed and the potatoes are dry. Do not let them shrivel and burn! This should not take more than five minutes but keep checking as different ovens react differently. Grilled at the highest oven temperature.

Optional: I had skewered the potatoes in toothpicks (three in one).Removed the skewers and tossed with a tsp. of oil (looks too dry otherwise), toasted pine nuts, roasted sesame seeds, a light sprinkling of dried oregano and onion rings. These make great starters, and also a good evening snack. They are high on health as there is hardly any fat (unless you have added more), and are grilled.Another thing: HAVE IT HOT!! I took this to office and it was not at all good when it turned cold:( - the flavors seemed to have gone!!) That was the advice.

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